Got a call from a business that was very upset with the chamber. They didn’t understand why we weren’t advertising their event on our website, eblast, and social media because we do it for all these other businesses. I explained that they didn’t have a membership and that is one of the many benefits to joining the chamber.

They started to yell at me and assure me that they did have a membership. I panicked and said I didn’t have it in our system and asked when they sent it…. They responded with “how do you expect me to remember that? It was at least 10+ years ago.” I had to then explain that membership is yearly and they have to continue to pay each year to receive the benefits. 🙃

“How much extra gasoline will I need to pull my 5th wheel from Los Angeles through the mountains to Phoenix, then to Tucson? According to the map I’m looking at, the mountains look really big around Phoenix” asked the caller.

This is basically a flat 500 mile trip, perhaps a change in elevation of 500 feet or so to Phoenix and a descent to Tucson.

Of all the amazing things a chamber of commerce can do, calculating fuel usages isn’t one of them.

It was a call around the holidays asking about the big inflatable cake saying Happy Birthday Jesus.  She had heard about it and wanted to see it. She knew that it was by a certain spot, but when she went there it wasn’t there.  I asked more questions as to the location to try to help her.  The roads that she was referring to made no sense to me. I questioned her again about the location. She rudely told me that I don’t know anything about our community. 

I asked her what city she was calling and she said [City Name].  It then clicked and I asked her if she meant [City in Chamber State].  She paused and said no [City in Different State].  She had called information and asked for the Hilliard Chamber and they gave her our number! 

She then hung up on me.

We had a lady come into the Chamber stating that one of our [National Partners] was cloning police, EMS, Doctors, etc. She also accused my husband of being a robot and saying that the government was using them to tap into her phone (he works for the local phone company). 

Caller: When is the Solar Eclipse?

Chamber: The best part starts around 2:30 pm.

Caller: On a Monday?!

Chamber: Yes?

Caller: But that’s a school day!

Chamber: Yes?

Caller: You need to change it!

Chamber: You… You want me to change the solar eclipse?

Caller: Yes!


Caller: …

Chamber: I can’t do that.

Caller: You don’t care about the kids! I thought you were the chamber?!

Chamber: Ma’am I can’t change the solar eclipse. I don’t –

Caller: *hangs up*

Chamber: What just happened?